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Growth of a Mother

"She grew me into a sprout and nurtured my seed until my stalk was tough and stable.

Sacrificing pieces of her prosperity and abundance; she fed me, the last of her milk and honey.

For this, she knew my roots would grow deep if she fertilized me.

She knew my leaves would flourish if she were to prune them to their best.

She knew in doing so, my path would be like walking barefoot through the grass on a summer's night - something she'd dreamed of.

Though, there was drought too.

She tended to my needs on her own.

Times when the crops of our home were unknown of the harvest's yield.

Times when I refused to grow in spite and she could not see my leaves; I know the frost hurt her.

But seasons changed, and here we are. We have grown a garden together.

We need not worry about the storms, because we have learned from the past.

We need only to look to the future, where year after year, the flowers will come back in the spring.

Earth once so rocky, jagged and cold, clearing for the next generation of seeds to dig deeper.

For this, I thank you mom. Your grandchildren will thank you. Your great grandchildren will thank you."

- May 10, 2020.

Happy Mothers Day Mama Mia.

'I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my mommy you'll be.'

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