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Gazing On - My Final Post

First off, to all who have visited and supported my blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I have decided to put my blog to a halt for the foreseeable future. Although this blog has helped me reflect and develop, it has also come at a cost. I have experienced a sense of liberation by having the opportunity to voice my feelings and opinions; however, my views are not shared by all. I started my blog as a way to open lines of communications to individuals who are seeking alternative viewpoints. What I did not take into consideration is the direct impact of using social media platforms for engagement. Platforms like Facebook are divisive. To me, the idea of having a rational and open-minded dialogue online has become increasingly difficult. In turn, I do not feel that I am able to contribute politically or ideologically to platforms that often have no intention of finding common ground, and instead add to the division.

On a lighter note, I will still be writing! A lot may be behind the scenes, but I hope in the near future to find platforms that are supportive and that I feel comfortable sharing my experiences, knowledge and art.

In the meantime, I will share one last poem. After taking some time to reflect on internal and external conflicts I have experienced recently regarding this matter, it took my one night outside star gazing to find my conclusion. Here it is:

I am so little.

I am so small.

Compared to the universe,

Compared to it all.

So tiny,

So microscopic.

To the issues today,

That are on the horizon.

That are on the bay.

The stars.

They tell us more,

Look up at them.

Your eyes will pour.

Really look,

Until you feel.

Until you remember,

What is truly real.

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