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Days in Newfoundland

This week, I am sharing a a few photos and a number of untitled poems I wrote during my three month stay in St. John's, Newfoundland. I was in an exchange program, and had the opportunity to explore different areas of Newfoundland, inside and outside of St. John's- specifically, a lot of hiking trails. During my exchange, I had the privilege to work at The Native Friendship Center helping in the shelter kitchen, facilitating youth programming and aiding in fundraising campaigns. Our group had numerous group projects on the go, from community art projects to selling merchandise at local farmers markets and craft fairs. I helped create and perform an “ExtraGHANAza” to display Ghanaian culture to locals and had the opportunity to collaborate with a nonprofit newcomer organization. I also helped host a trail clean up that ended up landing myself and two other colleagues an interview on CBC.

This was a huge growth period for me and a time of adventure, curiosity, mistakes, and exploration.

Hope you enjoy my journey.



New places, new faces.

Still air mists.

This new-found air.


I am relaxed, for the first time in a long time.

My smile, feels permanent.



Fixed Bakery, then made our way up.

Signal Hill.

Quidi Vidi – Logi Bay.

Sugar Load

George St.



Ever feel so in tune with nature?

Being up and looking at the incredible view.

I remember myself thinking: why watch screens when we could watch this?

Referring to the ripples in the water,

the seagulls, and the boats.

I remembered staring in the depth and I could see the rays of light ever so softly hitting the ocean, birds flying and laughing.

I remember hearing in my thoughts: 'whoever' this God is, this is God.

God is nature.

God is the good that shines through everything.

I remember starting to believe in something again.



The solo hiker.


Sea breeze.

Fish, breathes.




Smile, I try.

The little things.

The little things.

Try to think, deeper.

Get out of your mesh.

Get out of your comfort zone.

Break everyday.

Know you’ve been pushed, you've pushed.

Pay attention but only listen if worth listening.

Pick and choose.

New you, old you.

Yourself, alone is okay.



Sun beams smile at me.

This fall-spring wind.

Horns from the harbor, cars in the distance.

The sounds of working men.

How am I anxious and relaxed?

5 o'clock comes fast.

You sleep & wake up again.

Time is not enough.

It’s just so short.



Doesn’t stop.

Thoughts flow.

Just need more time.

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