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But Where Were you Before?: Poem Reflection

'But where were you before?

When we screamed the names.

When we told you this was happening.

When we said it is not just America.

Where were you?

When you liked my posts on the beach, but not ones of injustice.

Where were you?

When we defended why 'all lives matter' was problematic; a protest against a protest.

Where were you?

When we told you what makes us feel unsafe.

When we told you we see the cracks in the system.

Where were you?

When you were offended or stood neutral by the term 'white privilege'.

When you decided identity politics were not for you.

Where were you?

When you decided racial profiling did not exist because it did not 'happen' in your world.

When we told you what racial profiling looks like, feels like.

When we told you discrimination doesn't have to be blatant or tangible.

Where were you?

When we said 'I don't see color' was not an excuse to step away from the issue.

When the peaceful protests proceeded, and you kept scrolling.

Where were you?

We needed you before all 'this'.

We needed your allyship many times before but, where were you?

Why now do you care?

What mask was lifted?

Will you care tomorrow when the next trend comes?

Or are you here for the revolution?

You need not answer me, but ask yourself-

Where were you when they needed you?'


This post is not intended to offend or divide. It comes from a place of mixed feelings, my raw, unfiltered, unprocessed feelings.

On one hand, I am relieved that the public has decided that they are disgusted and outraged by the recent political climate. On the other hand, I am hurt. I am hurt that it is only now that people of privilege have decided to speak up.

I hope you can read this with an open mind.

I am not mad; I am processing. If the posts I am seeing on social media are true, I look forward to seeing what the world will be like with more allies and people of power continuing to speak up.

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