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Bare Minimum: A Poem Reflection

Sit there.

Sit alone.

It's okay.

Things change as well as others.

As well as yourself.

Believe in something, anything.

Better to, than to not.

Upset over nothing, or to be upset over something.

Take a pick.

Find the little things.

Worry not. They don’t matter anyways.

Do what is best for you.

You only, until you smile again.

But remain cautious.

Find long term in this short term.

Relax again.

Smile, try.

Find it.

Do what you can do before you can’t.




Untitled, 2017


This week's post is short but sweet. This is a poem I wrote three years ago while going through a major transformation. I was learning to be alone with myself, my thoughts and my ideas, instead of running from them. Although this poem originally was describing how my thoughts were maneuvering through this personal turmoil, this poem resonates with me just as much today.

We are living through uncertain times undergoing a pandemic and it is hard to deal with isolation from our communities. It is hard to know what is worth doing with our energy or knowing what productivity really means at this time. There is difficulty in adjustments to finding happiness in the mundane actions of today. BUT, all we can do, is endure and 'try'.

For my 'try' today, I decided to take some self portraits as some form of expression. Creativity has been hard for me the last two weeks, so writing is off the table ATM.

As a woman, I have found relief during these times not having to look 'presentable' for anyone, not even myself. I have to admit, I have been wearing the same thing around the house for the last three days. I showered two days ago, and have not touched my hair since putting it in a bun. I wanted to capture my natural self during these times, doing the bare minimum.

Hope you enjoy the creativity I have attempted today.

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