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A New Decade: Blogging Vulnerability.

This is the decade I promised to push myself to my utmost limits: physically, mentally and emotionally. I am back in school after several years, I've moved cities for the billionth time, and now here I am starting a blog. Which action is the one that will help me discover my limits?

The blog.

People who know me well may be surprised to think I withhold from the world because I am quite open about myself. However, being human means vulnerability and what makes me feel most vulnerable is the idea of sharing my writing to the world.

After dropping out of a Journalism program in my first year of university, I've carried that shame with me like a dog with its tail between its legs. A piece of my confidence was left behind when I dropped out. Now that a decade has passed, I am back in university and after a successful semester I have been inspired to share some of my content online. My main motivation to do this is because a T.A I looked up to told me I should publish one of my assignments. I cried after she shared her feedback because it felt like the validation I needed to come out of my shell.

So, my goal this decade is to share my opinions, feelings and artistic expressions. My only issue with returning to university is it is a CREATIVITY DRAINER so this blog will give me a new outlet. Day after day, looking at what is trending on social media I feel like I bite my tongue time after time. Now, I wont have to! I have volumes and volumes of journals, photography and poetry I have created over the past decade. I hope to share, reflect and analyze my work as a way to get out old and new content that may be relevant to modern day topics.

What kind of topics and content to expect?

Social Commentary

Mental Health

Self Identity





the list goes on...

Looking forward to getting vulnerable.

Cheers to all who will be tuning in this new decade.


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